trailed multi discs

110 - 450 hp

Agrisem's Disc-O-Mulch models have the best penetration force in their size classes. The Disc-O-Mulch has one pass stubble incorporation, mix and chop in one pass, and a disc design that stays clean. The patented pigtail tyne has no pivot, eliminating a maintenance and wear point.


  1. 610mm fluted (Mulcher) discs front and rear (DOM gold model)
  2. 710mm front and 660mm rear scolloped discs (DOM platinum model)
  3. Hydraulic folding - 3m transport width
  4. Independently mounted discs
  5. 3D Security pig-tail with 35 x 35m tine (DOM gold model)
  6. 3D Security pig-tail with 40 x 40m tine (DOM platinum model)
  7. SRE hubs – sealed. 5-year hub warranty
  8. Side deflectors
  9. 500/45 x 22.5 transport wheels
  10. Front depth control wheels
  11. NZ spec hazard panels and lights
  12. Hydraulic brakes
  13. 50mm drawbar eye
  14. Hydraulic drawbar/levelling control







Models Working widths (m) Fact Sheet
Disc-O-Mulch Gold 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10, 12 Download
Disc-O-Mulch Platinum 4.5, 6 Download
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