top choppers

Tractors from 80 - 150 hp

Made for topping potato and kumara tops. This topper mulchers it's way through multiple beds at a time saving time and money. With a fully enclosed mulching chamber the flower or vine is mulched finer meaning it can break down into the soil faster. Custom beds and sizes are available.


  1. Flails in ridge pattern with 18.5 cm height difference
  2. Two air wheels 6.50 x 10-10pr with spindle adjustment
  3. Stainless steel front plate and inspection covers
  4. 1150 rotor speed
  5. 1000 rpm
  6. Freewheel clutch on driveshaft



Models Number of rows Row spacing (inch)
2LKB190 2 30/32 Download
2LKB190 2 34/30 Download
4LKB310 4 30 Download
4LKB320 4 30/32 Download
4LKB370 4 34/36 Download


Customised row spacing Inspection covers
Side delivery Folding models - up to 6m widths
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