Rz Range

tandem discs

Tractors from 180 - 400 hp

Slice through ground preparation with our tandem-discs range, in sizes to suit any landowner, and medium to large tractors from trailed models 2.4 m wide to twin beam 5.5 m. We also have semi-trailed models up to 7.1 m wide. These easy-to-use machines have triple-sealed bearings and hydraulic wheel control.


  1. Triple sealed, double taper roller bearings with 5 year bearing warranty
  2. Parallel lift system
  3. Forges de Niaux disc blades
  4. Inside bevel on disc blades for better penetration
  5. Unique disc overlapping system
  6. Flotation tyres
  7. Twin beam
  8. Heavy duty pivot points


Models Working widths (m) hp rating (max) Fact Sheet
TGX 3.6, 4.1 400 Download


Deflector discs  Cover up discs 
Bearing protectors  Hydraulic gang adjustment 
Hydraulic leveling adjustment  Lobed discs
Rear hitch   
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