spinning roller bed formers

Tractors from 50 - 90 hp

Celli bed formers do all the hard work breaking the sod before building raised beds to the height and width you want. The four speed gearbox, coupled with rotary hoe and motorised rear roller, puts you in control. Models from 130?-?250 cm width.


  1. Hydraulic motorized rear roller
  2. Levelling bar bed former
  3. Front sod breaking discs
  4. Four speed gearbox
  5. Heavy duty frame construction
  6. Bolted double flange rotor
  7. Rotary hoe or reverse rotation
  8. Rear tailgate with spring cushioned comb
  9. Cam clutch



Models Working widths (cm) hp rating (max) Fact Sheet
Ares-BF 130, 150, 170, 185, 200, 230, 250 90 Download


Oil cooler Stone burier blades
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