remote controlled mulchers

Yanmar 39 hp diesel engine

With a Yanmar 39 hp engine and hydraulic track traction this is a powerful and flexible machine from Berti. Its two-speed gearbox (3 to 7km/hour) increases its adaptability. This a highly versatile machine for wetlands, steep terrain and other difficult areas.


  1. Yanmar three cylinder diesel tier 4, 39 hp engine
  2. Self-cleaning fan with reverse (clean-fix) and heavy duty cooling radiator
  3. Negative emergency brake (automatic) with hydraulic activation
  4. Hydraulic track traction with piston pump, closed circuit
  5. Two speed gearbox (3 – 7km / hour)
  6. 20cc piston pump with closed circuit for front attachment
  7. Monocoque steel body
  8. 12 roller professional undercarriage
  9. Track tensioners with grease piston and mechanical safety spring
  10. Scanreco radio remote control with 150 m range
  11. Swinging hammer or fixed tooth mulcher
  12. Heavy duty double skin chassis with Hardox and Strenx steel
  13. 15 degree vertical and 20 degree side float
  14. Piston motor with integrated safety valves
  15. Front rubber and chain protection
  16. Self cleaning rear roller on swinging hammer model
  17. Hardox skids on fixed tooth model


Models Working widths (m)
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