rear beater spreaders

Tractors from 150 -300 hp

Save on fertiliser costs with a spreader that combines speed and accuracy, minimising waste and saving time. If you have stock, you can also dispose of effluent in a way that keeps you on the right side of local council regulations.


  1. Twin vertical rear beaters or horizontal spinning deck
  2. Twin chains on Rollforce (RF), 4 x 16mm chains on Rollmax (RX)
  3. Large capacity – models up to 35m3
  4. Low centre of gravity for easy towing
  5. Large single flotation tyres (RF models) or tandem axle (RX models)
  6. Full RDS weigh options available
  7. A-frame draw bar with suspension for stability
  8. Semi-automatic chain tensioners
  9. Individual rear gearboxes
  10. Bed slats run on wear strips
  11. 6 dip paint finish



Models Capacity (m3) Capacity with extensions (m3) Fact Sheet
RF 5013 13 NA Download
RF 5514 14 NA Download
RF 5517 17 NA Download
RX 5420 17 21 Download
RX 6325 20 25 Download
RX 7130 24 30 Download
RX 8735 29 35 Download


Twin gearbox drive (for Lime spreading) Automatic greasing
Static or dynamic weigh system Steering and suspension
Large range of flotation tyres Silage sides and hydraulic rear door
Aluminum extensions  
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