high body gorse scrub mulchers

Tractors from 50 - 200 hp

High clearance and automatic belt adjusters make this Berti brute surprisingly easy to drive. Matching the double skin chassis for durability are the drop forged flail lugs. What's more there's a double row of self-aligning bearings for strength and durability, which are fully enclosed inside the rotor to prevent foreign material damaging them.


  1. Double drive transmission (King-DT)
  2. Automatic belt adjuster (King-DT)
  3. High clearance for high output and easy to drive heavy duty RHS headstock – robust in undulating country
  4. High speed 2300 rpm rotor
  5. 60 mm stub shafts
  6. Double skin chassis for rigidity and protection of outer skin
  7. Drop forged flail lugs for extra strength and durability
  8. Long and heavy duty skids for excellent ground contour tracking
  9. Double row self-aligning bearings for greater support and reliable performance
  10. Enclosed bearings for maximum protection from foreign objects and moisture
  11. Over-run clutch in gearbox-allows mulcher to wind down freely
  12. More effective cutting with pre-chamber creating venturi effect



Models Working widths (cm) hp rating (max) Fact Sheet
TSB 160, 180, 200, 220, 250, 285, 300 150 Download
KING-DT 270, 320 200 Download


Rear roller Centre flails
T-hammers Hydraulic tailgate
Rear semi-swivel wheels Longer tailgate

Parts Manuals

TSB (2002-2011)
TSB (2002-2011)

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TSB (after 2011)
TSB (after 2011)

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