front mounted disc mowers

Tractors from 60 hp upwards

Thoughtful design is built into the SMF front mounted disc mowers. You can check and replace a gear wheel or bearing at each disc without special tools. This means gear wheels can be quickly replaced without opening the entire gearbox.


  1. Low angle cutter bar
  2. Top service
  3. Flow caps
  4. Contour ground following
  5. Front cutter bar access
  6. Compact mounting
  7. Direct driveline with freewheel and friction clutch
  8. Quick change knives
  9. Double adjustable swath rollers



Models Working widths (m) Minimum HP required
SMF 3005 2.96 60 Download
GXF 3205 3.15 85 Download
GXF 3605 3.55 95 Download


Topping skids Quick hitch A-frame for tractor 
Spring kit  
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