forage harvesters

Tractors from 120 hp upwards

A uniform chopping length of 8mm to 32mm, two reverse functions to unblock rotor and a friction clutch to reduce and block feed intake in case of overload. This JF machine is a monster where production of excellent fodder is required.


  1. Protec friction clutch to release and block feed intake in cases of high speed or sudden overload
  2. Metal detector
  3. Easy access to rotor housing
  4. Multi knife system
  5. Upper cut shearbar and direct throw into chute
  6. Hydraulic transport conversion
  7. Pick up crop roller
  8. Joystick function control unit
  9. Reverse function to unblock rotor
  10. Uniform chopping length from 8 – 32 mm
  11. Electro hydraulic control unit


Models Working widths (m) Minimum HP required Fact Sheet
FCT 1060 2.10 120 Download
FCT 1360 3.10 140 Download
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