disc rippers

120 - 500 hp

A patented minimum tillage disc-ripper for the best cultivation in the world. A staggered tip ripper leg which is 28% easier to pull than other ripper legs, and a pig-tine disc leg makes this machine a must have for serious operators. A Machine to disc, rip and prepare a seedbed in one pass, while saving fuel in the hardest conditions makes any farmer or grower want to have one!


  1. 5 year bearing warranty
  2. 300x200 Reinforced Frame
  3. 120x120mm high clearance beams with 105cm clearance between the beams
  4. Patented TCS blades with non-stop springs and hydraulic depth adjustment
  5. Carbide tips on blades
  6. 610mm Diameter Fluted Mulcher Discs
  7. 3D pig tine springs (Patented)
  8. SRE Hubs with 5 year warranty
  9. 500/40 x 22.5 tyres
  10. 10-25cm working depths
  11. Depth control wheels
  12. Hydraulic brakes



Models Working widths (cm) Fact Sheet
Maxi Mulch 300, 350, 400 Download
Maxi Mulch Folding 450, 600 Download
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