Tractors from 70 - 130 hp

What can we say? Grader blades are in our DNA, and more than 40 years since our first one, they're still being used to dig, move, scrape and shape land throughout Australasia. Tough manganese steel cutting edges with 85% of the blade weight bearing down on them, delivers performance that puts other blades to shame.


  1. 85% of weight on cutting edge
  2. Reversible mould board for pushing instead of pulling
  3. Reversible cutting edge
  4. Massive depth mould board to carry a more serious amount of dirt
  5. All rams and manual adjusters mounted well clear of any soil build up
  6. Bolt on land wheel bracket
  7. Fully lubricated swivel, offset and turntable pivot points
  8. Tappered main bean for extra strength
  9. Turntable and tilting pivot pins work on hardened, heavy duty bushes
  10. Full three way adjustment (manual or hydraulic)



Models Widths (cm) Power rating (hp) Weight (kg) Fact Sheet
Contractor 560 240 70 - 125 560 Download
Contractor 600 270 75 - 130 600 Download


Manual operation Single hydraulic ram operation
Twin hydraulic ram operation Triple hydraulic ram operation
Manual levelling wheel kit  Hydraulic levelling wheel kit
Adjustable rippers Diverter kit
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