Farmgard Introduce Agrisem

Farmgard will introduce the Agrisem range of minimum tillage equipment at National Fieldays 2017.

Come and see at Sites L14 & L16 at Mystery Creek 14 - 17 June.

French company Agrisem International specialises in manufacturing innovative soil conservation equipment that promotes productive and sustainable agriculture. Farmgard director Scott Capper says his company can provide a full range of Agrisem machines – from multi-discs to deep rippers and seed drills. “Agrisem produces the Rolls Royce of minimum tillage equipment. Their machines are very well built and have a number of patented features that will impress New Zealand farmers and contractors,” Scott says.

“Initially we will focus on Agrisem’s Disc-O-Mulch range of multi-discs, and that is what we will have on our display at Mystery Creek. The Disc-o-Mulch disc cultivator is a professional’s machine that gives you the ability to break stubble at high speeds, incorporate residues, create a level seedbed, or even add a seed box for one-pass seeding.”

Scott says the Disc-O-Mulch is a versatile machine that features two rows of staggered discs with a following press roller for quick, shallow cultivation of stubble. Disc-O-Mulch is designed to incorporate grain or maize stubble, encourage weed and volunteer seed germination, or prepare a seedbed after the plough. Working widths of this Disc-o-Mulch cultivator are up to 4.0m in rigid models and up to 12m in folding models. Agrisem offers three levels of Disc-O-Mulch – Silver, Gold and Platinum. The working width, frame size and discs diameters increase with each level.

Scott says the larger models are suited to conditions in Canterbury while other models will suit farming and contracting in all parts of New Zealand. Each of the Disc-O-Mulch’s disc units is mounted on a patented pigtail shaped tine which allows the disc to move in three dimensions. This creates a percussion effect that improves penetration and gives a consistent working depth. It eliminates the cushioning that rubber mounted disc units have and delivers power and fuel savings up to 20 percent compared to traditional disc systems.

Scott says one of the most important features of the Disc-O-Mulch is the large SRE hubs with interior bearings. “The SRE hubs have an exterior diameter of 100mm and an interior diameter of 45mm. Because the hubs have no pivots to wear and the heavy duty disc bearings are fully sealed, the Disc-O-Mulch requires no maintenance.” The SRE hubs have a 5 year warranty.

Click here to find out more about the Agrisem range.

Another feature of the Disc-O-Mulch is the scalloped concave discs in the front row are larger diameter than the rear. For example on the Gold model, the front discs are 610mm diameter and the rear 560mm. The Silver model features 510mm front discs and 460mm diameter rear discs. Because the front row discs make the initial cut into stubble, their larger circumference give them a longer wear surface so that the wear rate of the front and rear discs are equal. The means you get a consistent working performance throughout the life of the discs.

The discs are staggered up to 1350mm to prevent blockage in high residue conditions, while a patented levelling board between the front and rear disc rows shatters clods, knocks soil from stubble and improves soil flow for better levelling. The flow of soil between the two rows of discs does not overload the second row so the Disc-O-Mulch requires less pulling power but still delivers perfect destruction of weeds. Following the two rows of discs is a V profile roller that consolidates the surface to retain moisture. Simple pin adjustment of the rear roller allows you to precisely set the working depth up to 15cm.

In addition to the new Agrisem machines Farmgard will have a full line-up of Abbey Effluent disposal equipment, Berti Mulchers and Celli, Overum and RZ cultivation machines.

Credit: Paul Titus, Editor, Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer, Australian AG Contractor & Large Scale Farmer